No signs, advertisements, billboards, solicitation or advertising structures or materials of any kind shall be displayed or placed upon any Lot; provided, however, a sign of reasonable size provided by a contractor for security services, placed within ten (10) feet of any entrance to a Lot, street numbers and name signs on Lots and one sign containing not more than four (4) square feet of surface area per side (2 sides maximum) and used solely in connection with the marketing of the affected Lot for sale or lease shall be permitted. The declarant or the Association may enter upon any Lot and remove and destroy any sign which violates this section. 

This section shall not apply to Declarant, any Telecommunications Provider acting in the exercise of Exclusive Marketing Rights under an agreement with Declarant, or to any Builder doing business in the Property, provided that any such Builder first obtains Declarant's written approval of any such structures or materials prior to installing same, such approval to be granted or denied by Declarant in Declarant's sole discretion.

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